Steora STANDARD - Simplicity at its Best

Steora Standard is perfect for outdoor spaces exposed to plenty of sunlight, such as city squares, marinas or parks. Steora Standard is 100% solar powered and does not require any additional power supply or infrastructural changes.

The bench monitors weather conditions and powers off in times of bad weather. With its simple, balanced design and convenient size, Steora can be installed to substitute regular street benches, bringing a touch of modern aesthetic to outdoor spaces.

Steora HYBRID - Feel the Power

Steora Hybrid is a powerful model which includes all the functionalities of Steora Standard with an addition of integrated AC charging module. It is specifically designed for use in climates with less sunlight. Combining the energy from solar panels and AC grid power, the bench retains all its functions throughout all the seasons, adapting to outside conditions.

Grid power is mainly used on days with minimal sunlight. When the solar battery charge drops below 30%, the AC module switches on to quickly recharge the battery system. Since it can draw power from the AC grid, Steora Hybrid offers additional features such as seat heating, or powering other devices in its vicinity.

Steora URBAN - The Future Now

Steora Urban is the first street bench ever with a built-in LCD display.

Since it is designed to employ both solar power and AC grid power, Steora Urban is a perfect fit for low-light locations and indoor usage in highly frequented areas.

The 19” LCD display on Steora Urban can be used for broadcasting local news, announcements, pictures, or any piece of information of public interest.

Using our advanced dashboard, users can easily upload various content, and set parameters for duration and frequency for each bench. Steora Urban requires AC grid power for 24/7 operation.

Steora URBAN+ - The World Within Reach

Steora Urban+ is the most advanced street bench in the world. It is designed for use in highly frequented areas such as city streets, squares and other buzzing locations.

The signature feature of Steora Urban+ is the 19” super-bright LCD display, which can be used for showing ads, videos, pictures or public information, for example weather forecast.

Thanks to advanced software, users can easily upload videos or pictures to benches of their choice and set campaign duration and frequency. Video campaigns can also be connected to a Wi-Fi homepage, allowing bench users to view the same campaign on their smartphones.

Steora Urban+ requires AC grid power for 24/7 operation.

Steora CCTV - The Future of Urban Security

Steora CCTV is developed to improve the safety of public spaces. It is equipped with 4 cameras, one on each side of the bench, creating 360° live stream, with night recording capability.

Live stream is available online, as well as an API for integration in any website or for recording on the network video recorder. 

Options for configuring Steora CCTV:

  1. Live streaming and recordings through the Dashboard (Ethernet or optic fibre connection) with hard disk drive (HDD) storage inside the bench.
  2. Live stream exclusively through the Dashboard with no video storage on HDD inside the bench.
  3. Video material is stored on HDD inside the bench, no access to the recorded material or live stream through the Dashboard.

Steora E - Power Up and Connect

Steora E is the only bench in Steora family without solar panels requiring full AC grid power for operation.

It is designed for indoor usage at highly frequented locations such as transit stations (bus stops, metro or train stations), shopping centres or airports.

Steora E offers the same functionalities as the Steora Standard model. Elegant design of the seating plate is achieved by combining a black acrylic glass cover with integrated wireless charger.

Technical specifications


Technical specifications


Technical specifications

Steora URBAN

Technical specifications

Steora URBAN+

Technical specifications

Steora CCTV

Technical specifications

Steora E