Smart IoT Benches


Our Smart IoT Benches were developed by Include, an innovative Croatian company founded by Ivan Mrvoš.  Having quickly grown into one of the largest producers of smart street furniture, Include has supplied over 260 ‘Smart city’ projects. With a presence in municipalities across 6 continents, Include has a global footprint with more than 1100 benches across the world.

Beauty and ingenuity combined

Steora and Monna benches are the most ingenious smart bench ever developed. Their multiple functionality is further enhanced by their beautiful and timeless design.
With their perfect size and shape and ambient lighting, our street benches easily add allure to any outdoor location.
Made from strong, powder-coated steel, they are completely weather and vandal resistant.

Solar powered sustainability

The visually appealing, solar panels have been developed exclusively for the benches, minimising its environmental impact.

All bench facilities remain available even when the seating area is occupied thanks to stored energy from the benches internal battery.

Advanced device charging

The Steora bench provides facilities for charging a broad range of devices. A ‘Qi’ wireless charger is integrated into its acrylic glass cover to enable cable-free charging.  

The Monna provides charging for e-bikes and its wooden seat has 2 ‘Qi’ wireless chargers for smartphones.

Both benches come with two USB ports with ambient light for charging any type of device.

Superfast internet and data gathering

Steora and Monna smart benches can be connected to the Internet using SIM card, ethernet cable, or optical fibre cable providing Wi-Fi speeds of up to 433 Mbps.
There are 15 sensors inside the smart benches which continually gather data about air parameters, bench usage and system status.
All gathered information is available for customers via the dashboard.

Unique digital out of home advertising experience

The smart bench can provide a multi-level advertising platform for owners and sponsors.
The bench can be manufactured in a wide range of colours to compliment the environment.

The bench can also be wrapped in high quality vinyl with branding which can be changed as frequently as desired.


Picture, video and sound content can be displayed 24/7 through the high-resolution LCD screen and its speakers. This can be used for digital-out-of-home advertising to generate revenue and promote branding.  Alternatively it can stream live data such as bus timetables and public information. This can all be managed remotely through the dashboard facility.

Additionally Wi-Fi users can be directed to a customisable login page further increasing advertising exposure. This way a brand can collect information for future marketing purposes according to their own GDPR policy (no personal data is held by the bench.)