Qi Smartbench

Qi Smartbench

Qi Charge has partnered with manufacturer Include Steora and its UK distribution partner All Urban to bring you a first in smart city technology with a unique marketing twist.

The first street bench ever to have a built-in LCD display. The future of contemporary outdoor advertising.

The possibilities are endless. The 19″ LCD screens can generate advertising revenue for local authorities, in shopping centres, or any other public place, by publicising events, products or brands. The 19″ LCD can broadcast any video, from news to make up or fashion demonstrations.


Solar Powered – Wi-Fi Internet 4G LTE – Wireless Charging – CCTV – LCD Display – Sensors Ambient Lighting – AC Grid Connector – Battery Pack – Photovoltaic modules – USB Charging – Ambient lighting

Design your own marketing content through its unique dashboard and publish content to one or more of the benches. Take advantage of marketing opportunities which generates revenue for you and your customers to give you not only a fantastic product but a return on your investment right from the start.

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1. Purchase outright and manage yourself 2. Have Qi Managed Services provide a service for you and pay per month Please download the Brochure and explore which bench is right for you. Contact us today to start your journey.