Qi Charge

Qi Charge

Innovative Wireless Charging Solutions

With nearly ten billion tablets and mobile phones globally, the commercial opportunities for businesses who embrace wireless charging are considerable.  So are you and your customers ready to experience the future of wireless charging technology?

Our partnership with the Wireless Power Consortium manufactures and OEM/ODM members means that we can offer you a consultative approach to wireless charging solutions.


Integrated Charging

Without changing the existing appearance of your furniture we can easily install waterproof, discrete integrated ‘Qi’ charging points.  If desired these may be highlighted with branding or logos.

Surface Charging

State of the art surface charging devices can simply installed into your existing furniture.

Branded Wireless Charging Points

Customers can design their own branding or logos to be incorporated on to the surface of our surface based Qi charging devices. This enables customers to easily identify charging points and associate these with your brand.

Smartphone Power Tables

Qi Managed Services are proud to introduce a new generation of wireless charging tables. Manufactured in France, the Witgee Power Table is designed to charge all Qi enabled smartphones without a permanent connection to a power source. Recharge your smartphone simply by putting it on one of the ‘Qi’ points on the Power Table in front of you.  Alternatively, 2 USB ports also provide charging facilities for devices that are not ‘Qi’ enabled.

At the factory, via a unique process, wireless charging technology is integrated into the heart of the table top. Simply charge the table up then position indoors or outdoors for a completely wire-free charging station, ideal for conferences, events and all areas of hospitality. Once charged the table will provide up to 40 full smartphone charges before requiring to be recharged.

The Power Table comes in a range of sizes and finishes and can be dismantled for transport or storage when not in use. It is also fully customisable, using our Vinyl wrapping service the Power Table can become a unique marketing tool that can be quickly and easily altered.