AR Series IoT Gateways

AR Series IoT Gateways

AR Series IoT Gateways

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Multi-service Control Gateways

AR3600 Series Enterprise Routers

Huawei’s AR3600 series enterprise router applies to medium and large-scale enterprise headquarters or branches.

AR530 Series IoT Gateways

Rugged switching routers designed for a broad range of applications — from Smart Grid electric utilities and industrial switching ring networks to video surveillance and various IoT scenarios.

AR509 Series IoT Gateways

The Huawei AR509 series IoT gateway can be widely applied to industrial wireless backhaul scenarios in banking, transportation, environmental protection, and other fields.

AR502 Series IoT Gateways

The AR502 series IoT gateways are designed for industrial environments and support communication in challenging environments such as extreme temperature, high humidity, and electromagnetic interference.

AR2500 Series IoT Gateways

Huawei AR2500 series IoT gateway can be applied to Smart Grid, intelligent transportation, and industrial Ethernet control scenarios.

AR1500 Series IoT Gateway

The AR1500 series IoT gateway can be applied to the automation of industries, including electric power and transportation.