About Us

Here at Qi Managed Services our aim is to provide, manage and maintain ICT solutions for your wireless charging needs. We work closely with our customers to provide high quality technology that enhances their experience and complements their surroundings.

Paul founded Qi Managed Services in 2018 and has worked together with Wesley on numerous projects in the ICT industry for over 10 years. Both live in Brighton and have a shared passion in exploring new developments within the industry. With a combined 45 years of commercial and ICT experience, together they have created a team of staff who thrive on bringing innovative technologies to market, creating business models for their customers.

Our company embraces the emergence of the ‘Smart City’ and launched our Smart IoT Bench at the Smart City UK Conference in London in February 2019, where we were nominated for an award in innovation as one of 6 technology companies out of 600 demonstrating significant impact, accelerating economic and social outcomes within urban environments across the UK. This has seen the Qi Managed Services team working together with to Councils to utilise smart street furniture to meet the ever growing digital needs of their populations while creating an additional source for revenue generation.

Our vision always is to provide high-quality, valuable service to our customers and, continuously looking to develop our products further to meet their ever changing needs.