Experts in Managed Services, Huawei, Wireless Charging and Value is why our clients work with us.

We want to help you succeed

Our ongoing success is built on relationships and trust: Relationships with suppliers, customers and solution partners in industry. We will provide you with a personal, impartial service, listening and respond quickly to you ALWAYS.

Wireless Charging Experts

With over 20 years of experience in ICT development, and part of the first company in the UK to provide one of the UK’s largest pub chains with wireless charging technology, our team can deliver innovative, efficient infrastructure solutions and services that enhance the customer experience.

Whether you’re looking for wireless charging solutions bearing your own bespoke branding or devices that maintain the original aesthetics of your site, we can work with many surface types to create subtle or eye-catching wireless charging equipment.

We believe in value

Regardless of your company size, we believe in providing you with the best possible value on each project. When you work with, us you will benefit from the best available technology to suit your business.

Huawei Experts

As an authorised Huawei Partner, we are dedicated in working in partnership with our clients to deliver the best in class solutions for your business. We work tirelessly with the Huawei team to make sure you have the backing of the vendor behind you, every step of the way. With over 80,000 R&D members at Huawei, if you ever wish to partner with us and them to create a product or solution, we are both here to help.

You can trust us

There will be times you come to us with a requirement that we may not be able to help with, we will not pretend to know something we do not. We pride ourselves on being reliable, impartial and honest in everything that we do.

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